Why You Need a Home Inspection Prior to Purchasing

When the housing market is competitive, buyers often let their nerves get the best of them and forgo a home inspection in order to beat the competition by submitting an offer. Others don’t want to spend the money. This could cost you in the end. A home inspection is easily one of the most crucial aspects to be considered before you decide on a home and lock yourself into a contract. Here’s why:

  • The home may look great on the outside, but you don’t know what’s going on structurally. A home inspector will be able to determine structural issues, the roof system, chimney, or anything else to consider.
  • Home inspectors take a magnified look at electrical, plumbing and heating systems within the house.
  • Foundation and drainage will also be inspected, letting you know if there is anything that will affect you over time.
  • Inspection of roofs, gutters, eaves, drainage and more.
  • Inspection of electrical breaker panels, electrical devices, and outlets.
  • Inspection of the function of garage doors, operators and sensors.
  • Home Inspectors will identify improper attic insulation, ventilation and other possible concerns in attics and crawl spaces.

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 Who Pays for Home Inspection?

It’s worth it to spend a little money up front to save yourself what could be tens of thousands in the end. Who pays for the home inspection will vary from property to property. In most situations the buyer will pay for the Home Inspection and any other inspections desired. Sometimes the owners will include the home inspection as part of the purchase contract to allow potential buyers to have full transparency into the home and any potential work it needs, this is known as a pre-inspection. When considering depending on pre-listing inspections or hiring your own inspector, be certain to do your own due diligence into the inspection company that has performed the pre-listing home inspection.

The AA Difference

If you’re located in the Northern KY or Cincinnati, OH area, we’re here to help you. Our team of professionals has over two decades of experience inspecting homes. We have a sharp eye when it comes to recognizing potential issues with your home and letting you, as the seller or buyer, know what’s going on and how to best move forward. A home inspection is a necessary step to add a layer of confidence to the shape your home is in and what may be required of you for upkeep in the future.

While the law does not require a home inspection, it is always best to give yourself that added peace of mind before you sell or purchase a new home. The last thing you want is to be sprung with unforeseen costs to repair structure, plumbing, roof and so on. Once a home inspection is completed prior to closing the sale, the buyer can request that the seller has potential issues addressed and fixed before they sign the contract. If this is agreed upon, the contract will include an amendment delineating all the agreed repairs.

On the opposite end, “you may decide” there are issues with the home that you do not wish to contend with and or you and the owner are not able to come to terms. The inspection assists “you” in making your decisions, there are no pass or fail home inspections.

AA is proud to provide same-day services, a 3-day scheduling guarantee, and next-day electronic reports. We have over 13,000 inspections to our name and assure you that our licensed team is the best in the area. We also offer several additional ancillary services: Termite/Wood Destroying Insect Inspections, Radon Gas Testing, Indoor Air Sampling and Sewer Scopes. If you have additional questions about the home inspection or are ready to speak with someone to schedule a time, you can either:

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Don’t leave your investment to chance. Let AA Home Inspection provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your property in Northern KY and Cincinnati, OH. Our expert team will ensure your home is safe and sound. Contact us now by clicking here or give us a call at (859) 448-0213 to schedule your inspection and secure peace of mind for your home investment.