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Why Choose AA Home Inspection Cincinnati?

We provide comprehensive and unbiased home and business inspection services, including onsite evaluations, to help ensure a smooth purchase process in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Top Rated Home Inspection Services in Cincinnati and Beyond – Comprehensive and Reliable Inspection Guaranteed


Dedicated Team of Licensed Inspectors and Staff


20 Years of Expert Home Inspection Experience – Trustworthy, Professional and Comprehensive Services



Comprehensive Home and Commercial Inspections – In-depth and thorough examination of your property



Rapid Scheduling and Inspections Guaranteed – Time-efficient and reliable service for your convenience


Efficient and Convenient Services with Same-Day Reports

Top-Rated Home Inspections Cincinnati OH Experience

We at the top-rated home inspector in Cincinnati and we have earned our title by completing more than 14,000 inspections and/or hours of Continuing Education! Not only are we FAA Certified Remote Pilots for Drone Inspections of any roof or chimney we cannot safely access, but we make sure to deliver your report the same day – guaranteed.

Punctual, Professional, and Honest Inspections

  • Our full-time inspector is always punctual, professional, and thoroughly honest while working to set reasonable expectations and educating our clients about the home they are purchasing. That’s why we invest in high-end products and the latest technology to improve the quality of our home inspection. We have a drone camera, thermal camera, moisture meter, bore scope, gas leak detector, several ladders of various heights (10ft – 32ft), a dedicated service vehicle, and many other exciting things!

Protective Policies for Clients

  • We also work behind the scenes on several policy implementations that protect our clients, such as sending emails to the selling parties with instructions on how to have the house prepared prior to the home inspection. We even provide ways to tighten up “For Sale by Owner” transactions to protect our clients and improve the overall home inspection experience.

Online Invoicing and Scheduling

  • Not to mention, out-of-state clients can take advantage of our online invoicing so they can pay for their home inspection from anywhere in the country. Plus, we have access to directly schedule home inspections in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky online with E-Key or combination lock access so that there is rarely a complication with scheduling or access to the property.

At the end of the day, we strive to provide the best home inspections Cincinnati Ohio has to offer. That’s why we are the top-rated home inspection Cincinnati experience!

Additional Home or Building Inspection Services to Protect Your Investment

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that poses serious health risks if detected in high levels. A radon inspection identifies the presence of this gas in your home or building, ensuring the safety and well-being of your family.

Termites have the ability to cause significant structural damage to a property. A termite inspection can detect these pests early on, potentially saving homeowners substantial repair costs and preserving the integrity of your home or business.

Mold can lead to various health issues and may quickly spread throughout your house, apartment or building. A mold inspection can uncover hidden mold growth, allowing for quick action like remediation to protect the health of the occupants and the property’s value.

A sewer scope can reveal blockages, cracks, damage, and other issues within a property’s sewer line. Addressing these issues early helps prevent costly repairs and the normal flow of your water.

    *Each of these services adds a safety layer of protection for homeowners and business owners, ensuring that their property is safe, sound, and free from potentially costly and harmful problems.

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    We are licensed and certified home inspectors Cincinnati OH

    OH – 2019005410  |  KY – 2005/103711  |  IN – HI02200040

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    How We Ensure Top Quality Home Inspection in Cincinnati OH?

    We use new technologies to conduct a thorough Cincinnati home inspection that is cost-effective, quicker, safer, and help expose major defects.


    At AA Home Inspection, our drones are equipped with thermal and high-resolution cameras, providing a greater detailed assessment of your clients’ roof.


    Infrared cameras or FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) observe small, but key changes in temperature in different areas of a house, identifying areas with air leaks that a visual inspection cannot.

    Sewer Scope

    While the not-so-subtle signs might be enough to discover where water is escaping your pipes, sewer inspection cameras can help determine the exact location.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a home inspection include?

    Our home inspections in Cincinnati cover all major systems and components including roof, exterior, structure, electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling, interior, and more. We examine the physical condition of the home and look for material defects, wear and tear, and issues that may need repair or replacement.

    How long does a home inspection take?

    A typical home inspection in Cincinnati takes 2-3 hours to complete for a single inspector. We take the necessary time to thoroughly evaluate all areas of the home. The time can vary based on factors like home size, age, and accessibility.

    When should I get a home inspection?

    We recommend getting a home inspection in Cincinnati as soon as possible once you decide you’re interested in purchasing a home. It’s best to get an inspection before closing so you can use the findings to inform negotiations or backing out, if needed.

    Do you provide inspection reports?

    Yes, we provide a detailed inspection report summarizing our findings for your home in Cincinnati. You will receive the full report at the inspection or within 24 hours after. The report includes descriptions and photos of any issues or defects found.

    Should I attend the home inspection?

    Attending your home inspection allows you to fully understand the home’s condition, ask the inspector questions directly, and mentally prepare for any repairs – we highly recommend being present.

    Home inspection Cincinnati, home inspection Cincinnati Ohio, reliable home inspection cincinnati 

    Got more questions? We are here to guide you!

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