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Tracy Fryer
Tracy Fryer
October 15, 2022.
Explained all the findings in a very informative manner.
Diandra Soto
Diandra Soto
October 5, 2022.
The service that was provided was very professional and they were able to complete the work in a timely manner! I was pleased with how the work was done. 🙂
kitrina justus
kitrina justus
September 27, 2022.
They went into detail regarding the inspection and clearly described any issues or potential issues. They were very quick to produce the inspection report, and checked in with me before the inspection began to see if I had any worries. They were very respectful and thorough!
will freeman
will freeman
September 19, 2022.
Great job . Very through. They found issues we never would have seen.
John Lodi
John Lodi
September 18, 2022.
Darrin Bachman did an amazing job. He really could explain this stuff to babies--which was great because I had no idea what I was looking at 90% of the inspection. He never got annoyed, regardless of how many dumb questions I asked (and I asked a lot); he'd make sure I could understand his findings/their importance and impact in terms of home-ownership. I showed the report to my family--some of which are independent contractors--and they were all impressed at the level of detail/items listed. No stone was left unturned... I'm still using the report to make improvements to the home nine months later. I can't recommend them enough!
Antony Dianderas Alcantara
Antony Dianderas Alcantara
September 18, 2022.
Great service, staff was very professional and friendly. Very punctual and detailed.
Celeste Peterson
Celeste Peterson
September 15, 2022.
Great experience for home inspection with AA inspection. Darrin was awesome: professional, knowledgeable, friendly and had a keen eye. Would call again

Why Choose AA Home Inspection Cincinnati?

We provide comprehensive and unbiased inspection services, including onsite evaluations, to help ensure a smooth purchase process in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Top Rated

Top Rated Home Inspection Services in Cincinnati and Beyond – Comprehensive and Reliable Inspection Guaranteed


Dedicated Team of Licensed Inspectors and Staff


20 Years of Expert Home Inspection Experience – Trustworthy, Professional and Comprehensive Services



Comprehensive Home and Commercial Inspections – In-depth and thorough examination of your property



Rapid Scheduling and Inspections Guaranteed – Time-efficient and reliable service for your convenience


Efficient and Convenient Services with Same-Day Reports

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We are licensed and certified

OH – 2019005410  |  KY – 2005/103711  |  IN – HI02200040

home inspection cincinnati certified by interNACHI
BBB certification for AA Home Inspection
Kreia Home Inspection
ashi home inspection society

How We Ensure Top Quality Home Inspection in Cincinnati?

We use new technologies to conduct thorough home examinations that are cost-effective, quicker, safer, and help expose major defects.


At AA Home Inspection, our drones are equipped with thermal and high-resolution cameras, providing a greater detailed assessment of your clients’ roof.


Infrared cameras or FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) observe small, but key changes in temperature in different areas of a house, identifying areas that the naked eye cannot see or that a visual inspection cannot.

Sewer Scope

While the not-so-subtle signs might be enough to discover where water is escaping your pipes, sewer inspection cameras can help determine the exact location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AA Home inspection?

AA Home inspection Cincinnati, Ohio is a professional consulting service that determines the present condition of the home’s major systems, based on a visual inspection of accessible features in the area. It focuses on the performance of the home, rather than cosmetic, code or design issues. Inspections are often performed during a real estate transaction in Cincinnati, Ohio but may be done anytime.

Is It Okay to Perform the Inspection Myself?

Inspecting your own potential house is not recommended. Home inspectors are specially trained to look for things you may miss. Unless you are a home inspector yourself, seek out a professional. Some states or financial lenders require a licensed inspector to complete the inspection.

Is Anyone Allowed or Required to Attend the Inspection?

The home inspection is a valuable experience for you as a home buyer and future home owner. The inspector should allow you to attend the inspection. You will be able to see first hand what potential problems exist now or may arise soon. Knowing what looks normal and what a problem looks like will help you later in maintaining your home.

Is it Possible for a Home to Fail an Inspection?

The inspection is designed to tell you what needs to be repaired on the house. There may be some requirements that the house needs to meet in order for your financial lender to lend you the money for the home. This does not mean that the house has “failed” the inspection and will not be able to be sold.

What Happens if There Are Problems Found During the Inspection?

There are potential problems that can come up during inspections. The seller of the home is not automatically required to repair any problems that the inspector finds. As the buyer, you can negotiate for the repairs to be made before you buy the home. If the seller is not willing to do the repairs for you, you will need to make other arrangements or terminate the contract. If you still want to purchase the house but are unable to get the financial lender to approve the loan until the repairs are made, you may have to make the repairs at your own expense.

Home inspection Cincinnati, home inspection Cincinnati Ohio, reliable home inspection cincinnati 

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