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Found Mold During a Home Inspection – Now What?

Found Mold During a Home Inspection - Now What?A thorough inspection for mold is one of the most important steps when buying a new home. An assessment helps identify any issues or damage that affect the value and safety of the property. If you have a moisture problem,...

8 Most Common Home Inspection Issues

When purchasing a house, a professional home inspection can be a game-changer when it comes to making important decisions. They can help you find common and hard to see issues to avoid costly repairs down the road. [pac_divi_table_of_contents level_markers_1="decimal"...

Maximizing Your House Inspector Union KY: How a Candid Inspector Can Save You Money and Secure Your Dream Home

Mastering the Home Inspection Process: Candid Inspectors for a Wise Investment and a Secure Future Home The Importance of a Candid Home Inspector Welcome to our latest blog post on house inspector Union KY, where we'll show you how to save thousands in repair costs by...

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Home Inspection blog
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