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Tracy Fryer
Tracy Fryer
October 15, 2022.
Explained all the findings in a very informative manner.
Diandra Soto
Diandra Soto
October 5, 2022.
The service that was provided was very professional and they were able to complete the work in a timely manner! I was pleased with how the work was done. 🙂
kitrina justus
kitrina justus
September 27, 2022.
They went into detail regarding the inspection and clearly described any issues or potential issues. They were very quick to produce the inspection report, and checked in with me before the inspection began to see if I had any worries. They were very respectful and thorough!
will freeman
will freeman
September 19, 2022.
Great job . Very through. They found issues we never would have seen.
John Lodi
John Lodi
September 18, 2022.
Darrin Bachman did an amazing job. He really could explain this stuff to babies--which was great because I had no idea what I was looking at 90% of the inspection. He never got annoyed, regardless of how many dumb questions I asked (and I asked a lot); he'd make sure I could understand his findings/their importance and impact in terms of home-ownership. I showed the report to my family--some of which are independent contractors--and they were all impressed at the level of detail/items listed. No stone was left unturned... I'm still using the report to make improvements to the home nine months later. I can't recommend them enough!
Antony Dianderas Alcantara
Antony Dianderas Alcantara
September 18, 2022.
Great service, staff was very professional and friendly. Very punctual and detailed.
Celeste Peterson
Celeste Peterson
September 15, 2022.
Great experience for home inspection with AA inspection. Darrin was awesome: professional, knowledgeable, friendly and had a keen eye. Would call again

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All of our inspections are compliant with OH, KY & IN licensing and always follow the ASHI and InterNACHI standards.
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Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Home Inspections

We do more than simply check off a list. You receive a comprehensive home inspection of the property and home, identifying what it is, how it works and what issues their are if any. Our home inspectors inspect hundreds of items in your home. After the inspection is completed, you receive a complete and comprehensive home inspection report.

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Interior Components

Basement, attic, crawlspace, heating, electrical, plumbing and its sources, ceilings, walls, outlets, and all living spaces

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Walls, foundation, joists, beams, posts, floors, stairs, roof and its integrity, rafters, trusses and the overall structural integrity of the home

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Exterior Components

AC units, windows, doors, chimneys, vents, decks, patios, roofing, siding, trim, retaining walls, window wells, grading, gutters and more

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Additional Inspections

Termite inspection, radon gas testing, sewer scope and system inspections, thermal imaging, pool and spa inspections

Home Inspection Services

Our services go beyond the average home or business inspection, we ensure a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of every aspect of the home so you can make the best decision moving forward. We are proud to offer you an unbiased, professional inspection service which also has onsite services. We will help you make informed decisions with clear results so that your next purchase goes smoothly and without worry! We provide the following inspection services:


With over 20 years of experience, we provide the most thorough home inspections in all parts of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

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A sewer inspection can help identify potential problems with a home’s sewer waste system, including leaks, blockages, and other issues.

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Termites are a common pest in many parts of the country. We inspect home/building so you are not surprised later.

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Radon adversely affects over 20,000 people a year. We can inform and protect you from this silent yet, deadly gas. 

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Mold growth if left unaddressed can spread throughout the home resulting in structural and health damage. 

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Our team of experts are skilled at large levels of building inspection and communication with multiple groups to service your project.

We Take Pride in the Quality of our Services

Justin with AA Home Inspection did an amazing job with my home inspection in Northern KY. He was very detailed, pointed out many things that went unnoticed by myself and the seller. He had a great depth of knowledge about regulations, and suggested fixes. His kindness and hard work was very much appreciated.

Nathan Bergman

From the moment I chose AA Home Inspection I was delighted with how professionally they took on their responsibilities. The payment process was simple, accessible and secure. I was able to make an appointment right away and the morning of the inspection, the inspector called spoke with me before heading to the home to confirm the address, property characteristics, let me know when he’d arrive, what to expect, and asked if I  had any questions. Not only was the inspector experienced, but he delivered a high quality report the next day. I am very impressed with this home inspection company in Florence Ky and will recommend them to all home buyers in this area.

Justin Hocking


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OH – 2019005410  |  KY – 2005/103711  |  IN – HI02200040

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A Comprehensive List of Our Home Inspection Services


  • Site analysis
  • Grading Assessment
  • Comprehensive Foundation Evaluation
  • Foundation Drainage
  • Under Floor Assessment
  • Lot Drainage
  • Subflooring


      • Framing Integrity
      • Wall Structure
      • Interior Wall Inspection
      • Roofing Integrity
      • Roof Structure Analysis
      • Roof Water Control
      • Flashing Evaluation
      • Columns
      • Beams
      • Windows
      • Insulation

      Interior and Exterior Inspections

      • Appliances Functionality
      • Gas Lines
      • Water to Property
      • Water Pressure
      • Plumbing
      • Heating Operational
      • Electrical Power Distribution
      • Electrical Safety Inspection
      • Air Conditioning
      • Fireplace
      • Swimming Pools
      • Electrical Systems
      • Plumbing
      • Bathroom Plumbing
      • Irrigation Systems
      • Radon Testing
      • Termites
      • Water Tests
      • Sewer Evaluation
      • Mold Testing